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It`s imporant to keep-up with the rapidly changing and growing world economy. All aspects, including industry trends, employment rate, salary figures, social responsibilities, etc. are discussed in this section, even news pertaining to Asian-bilingual Candidates such as yourselves.
TITLE Your guide to marketplace statistics including industry trends.
NAME hqb7818 DATE 8/31/2004 4:36:16 AM
  Even with the forecasted recession of the current economy, there are still relatively big demands for candidates in specific markets. We simply summarized the job market trend for this year. We believe this information will be helpful when building your next job-hunting strategy.

Top careers by industry outlook
1. Information Technology
2. Programming
3. Quality Assurance and Quality Control
4. Technical Writing
5. Web Development

Top careers by compensation
1. Asset Management
2. Consulting
3. Investment Banking
4. Law
5. Securities sales and trading

Top industries by job outlook
1. Computer hardware & software
2. Enterprise Software, Networking & Peripherals
3. Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology
4. Semiconductors
5. Telecommunications

Who`s giving out the dough?
1. Consulting firms
2. Investment Banking firms
3. Law firms
4. Venture Capital firms
5. Hardware & Software companies