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TITLE Korean bi-lingual Ph.D Career Forum will be held in NY and LA
NAME hqb7818 DATE 9/1/2004 9:16:29 AM
Korean bi-lingual Ph.D Engineers Career Forum will be held in NY and LA

Spinhan.com is planning a career forum between Oct 15th ~ Oct 24th. This career forum is only targeting Korean-bilingual Ph.D candidates, who are interested in R&D for the next generation technology in Asia.  The career forum will include, a couple of presentations, lectures, and even recruitment for certain areas.

We are planning to provide all the travel expenses for the qualified attendees.  If you are interested in applying, please send your resume/CV to bae@spinhan.com

We will announce further details by the beginning of September 2004.  However, please leave a note or send us an E-mail for further information. (1-212-279-7222).
For the recruitment areas, you will be qualified if your research category matches anyone of the following:

Energy Related recruitment field
1. Fuel Cell : DMFC (Direct Methanol Fuel Cell), Residential PEMFC (Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell)
2. Battery Field (Specially Lithium)

Bio chemistry Related
1. Bio Chip - DNA chips, Protein chips, Lab-on-a-chip, Bioinformatics
2. Bio Medical field
3. Chemical field

Digital Related
1. Multimedia research - MPEG-4 , Video : Digital Video Coding, Object Shape Coding, Audio : Digital Audio Coding, Psycho-acoustics
2. 3D Graphic or Digital Color Science
3. Printer Mechanic

Material related
1. Nano Mems, Carbon Nano Tube, Photonic Crystal, Quantum Dot, Nano Particle
2. Storage - Tera Byte Recording, Micro Storage, Optical Storage
3. Opto PDP, Laser TV, White LED, Flexible Display 4. Photonic Related field Computer related
3. Device related

IT Related
1. CSE (Computational Science and Engineering)
- Thermo/Fluidics  
- Heat Transfer, Fluid Flow, Cooling
- Structure & Acoustics
- Optimization & Robust Design, Structural Analysis, Vibration and Acoustics   Electronic CAE
- High Speed Digital Design, Electromagnetic Compatibility Materials & Process Simulation
- Materials, Nano device, Diffractive Optical Device Design and Modeling
- Plasma Source Design and Process Simulation, Nano/Atom scale Simulation

2. HCI (Human Computer Interaction)
- Human Vision
- Human Hearing
- Human Realization

3. Networking
- Home & Office Network: Home Gateway, Core/Access Network, W-LAN
- Mobile Network: 3G, 4G System
- Personal Area Network: Bluetooth, UWB, Sensor Network
- IT Basic Tech.: IP (IPv6, Mobile IP, VoIP etc), Security

4. Ubiquitous Tech
- S/W design & development
- Analysis, peer review, design, coding, unit testing, system testing.
- Operating System, Database Management, System Architecture

5. Other computer related Field
Super computing, Hardware, Software Research engineer
Grid Computing

Basic Engineer
Linguistic, Physics and any fundamental scientific research