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TITLE Working Abroad.
NAME ethanlee DATE 9/10/2004 5:59:41 AM
CONTENTS To help you better understand my question, here is a brief background of me.  I`m a Korean-American with US citizenship and soon to graduate with a Finance MBA  in may 2005.  I`m focusing my energy in trying to network and find opportunities working abroad in Asia, hopefully Korea.  I`m having a difficult time trying to network and meet people who can aid me in my search.  

1) How should I go about in researching companies in Korea that will have an open door policies with respects to foreign nationals?  It has been a dream of mine to return to Korea someday.  

2) Where and how could I meet with people who will be beneficial towards my career goals?  FYI:  I`m searching for a career in finance, analysis and investment management.  

3)Is the Korean finance industry very difficult to break into?

I hope someone will provide some specific insight that will be greatly helpful in my search.

Thank you in advance.