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TITLE RE: Answering weakness questions
NAME DATE 9/16/2004 4:31:21 AM
CONTENTS This is a very common question.  Conventional advice tells you to mention a“weakness”that in most cases would be considered a strength (e.g. typical answers are “I`m a perfectionist”or I’ll work forever to get the job done” etc.).  DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE your future employer!!!; should the interviewer/employer actually fall for these answers, maybe you should consider NOT working at that company.  More likely than not, the interviewer has heard it all, even if you think your answers are perfect, unique, random (whatever you may think you’re doing well to make yourself stand-out compared to other Candidates), trust me, you’re not fooling anyone.  

Rather, be honest and realistic.  Everyone has weaknesses and rooms to improve-on.  Of course, don’t be blunt and say, “I don’t have any analytical skills” when you’re applying for an “Analyst” type of position, i.e it is wise to avoid mentioning any weaknesses that are the primary requisites for the position you are applying for.  Whether your weaknesses are practical skills (e.g. computer proficiency, foreign languages) or characteristic skills (e.g. leadership, stress management), mention it and the key to recovery is 2-folds: 1) describe how you are proactively improving upon it and 2) explain how eventually this part you’re improving-on will positively influence your performance as an employee and ultimately help the organization.  Like I mentioned earlier, employers don’t actually care what your weakness is, per-se, but they’re examining how you handle the question and how you present yourself in a professional manner.