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TITLE RE: temp positions?
NAME DATE 9/23/2004 3:39:12 AM
CONTENTS I think you’re talking about temp-to-hire positions, which there’s been a huge wave of since the past 5 years or so?  I’d like to side-track and explain the differences, because I’ve encountered one too many people, including some Employers, who does not understand the differences.  First, “part-time” is exactly as it sounds like, you’re working only part of the day out of a typical 8-hour+ work day.  “Full time” positions are not NECESSARY permanet positions, “full-time” just means you’re working for a full 8+work day.  A “permanent” position is what we all want, it means, you’re an official employee of your organization, working full-time, reaping all the possible benefits that they can offer (or the lack there-of).  Temporary or temp. positions could actually be either full-time or part-time, but the important factor is the duration of your stay at the organization, be it 1 month, 2 months, 6 months, what not.  If you’re a temp. you could actually work for the organization for more than a year (though very rare), but being a temp. means, only being paid your wage/salary, but there are no other benefits for you, such as insurance.

Now, “temp-to-hire” positions are similar to temp. positions, but after the expected duration, you’re given a thorough review of your performance by the Employer (typically after 3-month of full-time work) and if you do well, then the Employer hires you as a permanent employee.  The reason many Employers are choosing this route is because of a number of reasons; performance analysis: sure after 3, 4, 5+ rounds of interviews, hopefully an Employer has hired the right fitted Candidate, but that’s not necessarily the case.  Therefore, at least for the temp. duration, the Employer has an opportunity to closely examine and review your performance, all the while only being committed to pay your salary, which is typically calculated as a work-per-hour wage, which brings me to my second point, cost-effective.  The Employer is not required to offer you ANY other benefits (such as, insurance, bonus work hours) because again, they’re only committed to your wage for the temp. period.  Also, many Employers use temp. positions to see how efficiently and effectively they can run a training program with you, if you’re not up to their standards, they’re allowed to fire you without being bound by contract.  Furthermore, many temp-to-hire and/or temp. positions are administrative/secretarial, sometimes junior-level.  However, because these type of positions have the highest turn-over ratio, it is very costly, time-consuming, and quite simply dull and annoying to have to interview and hire, interivew and rehire, interview and rehire, every other month, for the same position.  

Sure temp-to-hire positions might not be the most ideal nor suitable positions that you might want, but especially for college students and recent graduates looking for jobs, it’s not only a great way to get some money flowing into your pocket, but it’s an excellent way to get yourself involved with the industry and start your networking!!