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TITLE what can i do...
NAME sami4 DATE 12/12/2004 2:37:33 PM

I think I lost the way. I don`t know what to do..
I was a web consultant in Korea. I worked for biggest web agency in my county.  I was proven success in managing multiple e-projects for the finance, game, mobile, entertainment industries and I had a confidence about my work.
now.. I’m in the state, studying MBA which major every body told me I won`t find any job here after graduate.

So... I`m tying to find a job and get a sponsor. But people only need programmer and designer. Not planner.
I believe there is a market which needs me. But I can`t find. Should I change my major or go to instituted school to learn html cording things..

Please please give me a advice. If you need to know more about my career background, you can check my rewume. Thank you.