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Spinhan.com effectively re-constructs the value-chain of existing businesses by setting forth the new concept of 'Asian World Wide HR Portal Site' and realizing the data base of bilingual candidates and companies, human resources supply, and successful Business-to-Business alliances and partnerships.
Spinhan is a full-service recruiting/headhunting agency that offers companies in the US and/or in Asia a new pool of talented candidates. Spinhan will serve both local and international recruiting markets: a strong local presence and understanding of Asian countries' recruiting processes, coupled with a Pan-Asian and US presence serving the international market gives Spinhan a distinct competitive edge. For industries that will benefit from them, digital portfolios and personal home pages will also be accessible as additional candidate information. Spinhan also uses an advanced candidate filtering service that substantially reduces the time it takes for employers to screen resumes.

For detailed information on our services,simply contact our Sales Representative(ed@spinhan.com)